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Upcoming Trials Or Events:

Thank you Mike and Kathryn Carlton for the time you spent making such a great event!

 Summer Break then see below (As more info comes in I will post it)

August 31 Jones Crossing, Crook Cup Carl Miller and Bob Reese

The Colorado Nationals were in Texas Creek, this is between Salida and Canon City,

Todd, Vonda, Josh Roper , Scott Kelly and his daughter Kathy , Michael and Loraine Meschede, and Mike Carlton and Fred Dobberphul ( Kathryns Brother ) were there from Arizona.

our results were great !

Scott Kelly road the Clubman Line

the rest of us road the Support Line

 Josh Roper

Round 1   4th Place Junior class 64 point

Round 2   5th place  Junior class 69 points

Todd Roper

Round 1   1st place SR45 class  24 points

Round 2   1st place SR45 class  9 points

Mike Carlton

Round 1   5th place SR50 class 77 points

Round 2   7th place SR50 class 79 points

 Michael Meschede

Round 1  1st place  SR55 class 74 points

Round 2  2nd place SR55 class 88 points

 Scott Kelly

Round 1  3rd place Clubman class 32 points

Round 2  10th place Clubman class 53 points

 Fred helped all day Friday with setting sections and on Saturday Checked !

 Good Luck In Kansas

Flyers will be posted at the bottom of the page (when sent to me), right mouseclick and then pick "save link as " to download

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Do your part and CHECK! When signing up ask if you can check instead of waiting to be asked to check. Nervous about checking, say so and you will be placed with a more experienced checker so you can learn the "other" fun side of Observed Trials. After all that IS why it is called Observed Trials






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